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Seminar 3: Creative use of archives

Bill Thompson Head of Partnership Development, BBC Archives chaired the event at the Siobhan Davies Dance Studios in London.

This content will be useful for arts organisations and artists who have existing archive content that they want to be able to share with an audience on a digital platform, or who want to explore new ways of engaging with archive content.

Speakers included Roly Keating, Director of Archive Content, BBC, Andrew Nairne, Executive Director Arts, Arts Council England, Dr Paul Gerhardt, Digital Archives Associate for Arts Council England, Archives for Creativity, Siobhan Davis, Siobhan Davis Studios, Jake Berger, Programme Manager, Digital Public Space, BBC.

Creative use of archives seminar highlights in 240 seconds
Watch the highlights from the speaker presentations and see what the audience had to say.

Expert view on the creative use of archives
Views from the speakers on the advantages and opportunities for arts organisations to making their archives digitally available, business models, audience curation and key challenges including copyright.

IP tips for creating digital archives
Naomi Korn, IP Consultant, shares her top tips on how to approach the challenges of negotiating intellectual property rights for digital archives.

Full seminar presentations

Creative use of archives: The opportunities - Dr Paul Gerhardt
Dr Paul Gerhardt, Digital Archives Associate for Arts Council England, Archives for Creativity explains how creative people and organisations can use archives. He looks at the links between practical examples and evolving arts strategy and also explores the opportunities and challenges around the use of archive.

Digital archive opportunities and BBC Digital Public Space - Jake Berger
Jake Berger, Programme Manager, BBC's Digital Public Space talks about the opportunities that could arise from open digital archives. He also gives an introduction to the BBC's prototype open digital archive Digital Public Space.

Siobhan Davies RePlay and digital dance archives - Prof Sarah Whatley
Professor Sarah Whatley, Professor of Dance, Coventry University talks about the challenges and opportunities involved in creating a digital archive based on experiences with Siobhan Davies Replay.

Rights and permissions for digital archives - Naomi Korn
Naomi Korn, IP Consultant talks about the practical issues associated with rights clearances and the licensing around the creation and curation of digital content.

Managing rights for Siobhan Davies RePlay archive - Cassandra Carias
Cassandra Carias, Senior Associate, Harbottle & Lewis LLP discusses how to reconcile the needs of artists with those of arts organisations when putting filmed content online.